feeling like :S right now. ive got a cold! ): just had a bowl of Boon Tong Kee chicken porridge with love from Aaron. haha. yay. they’ve got nice porridge. although i am trying not to eat supper, it’s times when u have a cold when u feel hungry. fact. ever heard of the saying “feed a cold, starve a fever” ? i actually went to google it last time and found out it’s not true. u still have to eat whether you are having a cold or a fever because your body is lacking in nutrients. haha yea. just a random fact. so yea. im perspiring tho  i just showed.. ugh. i want  to sleep. my head feels damn heavy but i need to go arrange my school timetable because course registration is tmr! maybe i should leave that till tmr morning. and i realized those that i want usually wont have vacancy until i add/drop period when it’s time to camp for the mods. need God guidance in this (:

update more about Sunday soon! it was a super HOT Sunday!


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