i am bored.

i want to go out so so badly ):

been stuck at home for the 2nd day and i am dead bored. and i havent eaten much. had 2 slices of bread around 10ish and only fell asleep past 4am. stomach was begging for food the whole night. im sure it’s the whole flu thing. woke up at 12 and there wasnt anything to eat ): had a slice of bread with cream cheese and then thankfully bernice made mashed potatoes. not sure how she made it but i had a small serving. so that’s what ive had so far. i am so lazy to go and buy food ): i just want to BUY SOMETHING. maybe staying at home would be a good idea..

going treking tmr with jolyn and sharron. lol. sharron’s idea. see how it goes (: ok. i better go arrange my wardrobe. it’s super messy. almost couldnt find my YM shirt on saturday night and was panicking like mad. zz. make way for nicer clothes for school (:
oh yea. and if it helps, i want to eat some tofu thing right now. i <3 dairy products. cheese, milk, tofu, beans (?) and eggs. woo. I NEED FOOD.


attempt at making nachos? chicken cubes with tortilla chips, salsa, cheese and mozzarella. i shld have put them in the oven instead of the toaster.

since i am so free i decided to make a nice breakfast for myself one morning.

button mushrooms with butter
egg. but when it flipped it over the yolk broke ):
ta da! ignore the ruined egg. pretend it's the way it's supposed to be. haha. with strawberry cereal. very nice!
tea break. with korean ramen made by bernice. i think she's been watching too many korean dramas. seldom eat instant noodles but a small portion can be pretty yummy
dinner at home alone.

let me explain this pot of mysterious stuff. last week, i was attempting to exercise. first it was gym, then it was running, then i finally decided on cycling. but after changing etc, i realized it was drizzling ): but i went ahead with the idea. only after cycling for 3 minutes i remembered why i didnt like cycling on the bikes my dad bought. it’s too high for me. and also the pavements are filled with humans in the evening. not smart at all. so i ended up cycling to the market in the heavy drizzle with $10 thinking of what to get for dinner. i didnt want to eat rice nor anything unhealthy. tho the thought of macdonalds was tempting me like mad. so i headed to ntuc and bought tofu, meatballs and a huge ball of cabbage. i love that in soups. went home, and looked for something to cook with it. didnt want instant noodles and saw this packet of dry noodles thingie. so yea. ended up with that pot of stuff. my pot was too small and i was trying to stuff too much cabbage in it. so it ended up kinda dry but still edible. there, story of my dinner. not very yummy but a little more guilt free.


caramel latte at Gloria Jean's

im starting to appreciate hot coffee. but i still cant get my coffee right. how come the caramel macchiato at starbucks isnt the same type of macchiato at Gloria Jean’s ? im confused. but the caramel latte is similar to the caramel macchiato. hmm. will figure that out someday. so yea. this was when i met up with some of my st. margs badminton girls at vivo. to help Germs out with her serious boy problem. LOL.

youth sunday

one of the Polaroids we took on an early Sunday morning.
bromance x2

after a long tiring morning in church for youth sunday, we drove to Frolick for some froyo. indeed SUNdays are so SUNNYYYY. the weather was killin’ man! so yea. some nice cold froyo wouldnt hurt. the silly boys went to order the milktea froyo when i told them to “Try it” they thought to try it by buying -.- hello? there is something called testing? so yea. it wasnt too bad tho. they 2 guys were seriously bromancing the whole time and Cyrus was being his usual self. it’s always funny to watch. HAHA.


okay. my short post suddenly became long. haha. enjoy. im still starving here.


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