polaroids! edited using instagram (:

we went on a little trail today.we walked from the train tracks near KAP to i-dont-know where. and it was fun! we met a lot of nice people along the tracks and we said hi and chatted even though they were total strangers! it was so so so cool! somehow the people there seemed nicer. LOL. haha. we met this family of 6 that consisted of 4 small kids and apparently they started walking since 5:30am?!?!? like from woodlands then they were heading towards the Tanjong Pajar train station. lol. then there were these 3 men asking us which part of the train track could bring them to some Char Kway Teow place they were looking for. haha. and before they left, one of the uncle told us to take some spare parts of the train tracks so next time we can tell our GRANDCHILDREN that we once walked there. HAHAHA. and sharron indeed took some home. like 3 rocks and one metal thingie that is used to hold the track down. hahaha. we walked for a good 2 hours. by the time we finished, it was like 12pm. super scorching hottttttttttttttttt! thankfully we had a car (:


shall continue my story next time. i need to wake up at 6am to do relief teaching tmr! and i thought there were not gnna call me! haha. $$$ (:


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