holidays holidays, i love youuuuu

come to think of it, i am very thankful to be having this holidays (: tho i didnt get to travel overseas like i wished, i am glad i got to enjoy so many things. i didnt have to work everyday and got to earn a bit of money, i got to go shopping almost every week, i caught up with some of my friends, i get to sleep and wake up late, i got to exercise abit. too. awesome! haha. i am indeed thankful for the freedom of time i got. i’ve got one more month to go. hopefully i can continue to pack my room. lol. serious procrastinated like A LOT. now that i am not staying in hall, i need to get my room in study condition! haha.

so last friday i went shopping with Julia. lol. finally after she quit her job at a boutique. was supposed to get my hair done somehow, but i figured it’s too much of a waste of time to sit there for hours to cut, dye etc. so i decided we should go shopping instead. and to Bugis we went. seriously right now, to buy more pieces of clothes with the same amount of money, we can only go to Bugis street. lol. not everything there is great, but you can definitely find something to buy there. i think this is my 4th week a row at Bugis. lol. brought julia to eat Tom’s palette. but i felt kinda queasy after eating it on an empty stomach. not cool man. overall, it was a pretty fruitful shopping trip. yea. something quite funny happened. we were talking towards Aaron house in the evening to meet him and go to church. as we were talking towards the lift, someone came from behind and like covered our eyes. lol. i think it gave julia a huge shock. who knows, we could have been kidnapped. haha.

sunday’s been pretty chilled. came back from church and had my lunch at home.bernice refused to let me get my weekly Frolick fix! i need something cool on a Sunday afternoooonnn! was perspiring like crazyyyy. so anyway, went to nap for a good 4 hours i think. the feeling was AWESOMEEEEEEEE. never napped so long before.  and i know i wont be able to enjoy such naps when school starts. the naps would be guilt ladden. haha. sooo, the past few hours, i have been contemplating whether or not to eat that magnum hazelnut sitting in the freezer.i know if i do, i will SURE regret ): so ive been trying to resist it for the past coupla hours and fighting the pleas of my empty stomach ): so eventually, when i wanted to give in and walk to the freezer, i decided to eat an orange instead. btw. i never eat oranges because i always have this mentality that all oranges are sour. but this one is surprisingly sweet. so i ate one whole orange. great achievement! alright, too much ranting.

still deciding what to do tmr…. exercise hopefully. tues and wed it’s back to baking with students in a pri school. helppp! working for da $$$$$!


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