i constantly struggle with this. a million thoughts are running through my mind and i just want to blurt about everything i feel. but i know i shouldnt be blogging when i am feeling emotionally unstable. so bottomline is, think before you speak. always. never hurts to pause for a few secs before opening your mouth.

so anyway, i went for a run in the evening. it wasnt easy. i was reminded of how i used to run and now, it’s like pathetic. i honestly think my walking is way faster than my running. okay. make that jogging. it’s sad but so true. but i need to remind myself that if i want to get back on some normal paced running, i need to keep up with this. at least before school starts. because i know after running, im as good as wasted. tried and tested. during school term, i would be so exhausted after running that i can barely do anything ): haha. oh wells. till next time, i’ll update about my running progress.

so in terms of productivity today, i also managed to finish watching the first season of Big Bang Theory. HAHA. awesomez. i mean it’s not like super wow wow fantastic, but it helps me kill time (: love their witty-ness. haha. at least i understand some of their scientific jokes lor. haha. benefits of being an engineering student, not. haha. but i must say the last ep of season 1 was EPIC. hilarious. everyone should watch it!

i should totally be sleeping now, but i have a form to complete. goodbye. i still feel shitty. thanks.


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