the past few days

after having survived the baking wars on tues and wed, i have spent the last 2 days sleeping past 2am and waking up past 12pm. blissssss.. so tues and wed were spent at a primary school baking with pri 2s and 1s respectively. i really yelled quite loudly at a few students on tues after a few warnings to them. it was really veryyyy noisy and i was highly annoyed + we were constantly rushing for time to make sure the kids have finished cutting out their cookies in time. so i was highly sensitive to noise. hence i ended up shouting a one times good one at them. i think it shocked the form teacher who just sat there oblivious to the noise etc.oh wells.i felt quite bad so the next session i decided to devote myself to the hot ovens watching over the cookies instead of the students instead ):

on the second day i had to conduct classes. and after teaching it was basically a mad rush to pack the cookies and the decorated cupcakes and then deliver them to the students before school ended. we finished delivering at around 6:15 when school ended at 6:30pm. crazy. it was literally a matching game to match 40 boxes of cupcakes to 40 boxes of cookies with names on them all randomly placed for a few classes. i guess all in all, it was still somewhat fun amidst the rush (: let’s see if im game to work for this job again. albeit the pay being a tad to little to cover my shopping expenses. lol. i see another shopping trip + food trip coming up this week ^^ can i just say that i love the holidays again??

i think i will go flip through the classified ads tmr hoping to find some random job. like counting toys at toys R us in the middle of the night. HAHA.i must say that is one of the most bizzare jobs i have ever done.

before the holidays end, here are some of the things i would like to do

  1. meet up with jialong + jc badminton friends
  2. play badminton at least once
  3. pack my room
  4. organise my wardrobe/get an additional one
  5. cut + dye/highlight my hair
  6. see the dentist
  7. see the skin doctor
  8. meet up with the rest of my cell group peepz
  9. go running as often as i can
oh yea. and because im actually waking up at lunch time, i eat one less meal a day. lol. and plus my house has nothing to eat, i dont snack. sounds like a good plan to me. and thankfully i am beginning to dislike rice. haha. i eat less than 2 spoonfuls of rice every night if i eat at home and my mom always scolds me ): but i dont know why i just cant seem to finish my rice ): but yea. i hope to eat healthier and force Aaron to cut down on fast food, salt, fried food and gassy drinks.
one more week to The Lion King Musical! (: looking forward to next weekend (: lots of exciting things lined upppppzz

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