my nose just cant stop producing fluid

as the title reads, i am still sick. but now, it’s just having to blow my nose constantly. it’s making the area around my nose really dry from all the friction from the tissue paper. haha. oh wells. ran out of panadol flu as well.. my friends tell me not to blow my nose too hard as i’m blowing my brains out. like how?

so anyway, i think today is the day i ate the most out of the past 3 days. which is good cuz i need the nutrients. had thai food at shaw plaza with my friends again. this time, it wasnt as yummy. i skipped the ice cream part at Tom’s palette. and then headed to Rochor Tau Huay ^^ where we saw Felicia Chin. haha.i wonder how they make their soya milk so light… it’s unlike mr bean where the soya milk is ‘heavier’? but anyway, it’s good to step out of the house cuz i am dead bored. but i am not doing things i need to be doing like for example, pack my room. let’s see if i will do that tmr. well that depends what time i wake up. becuase for the past 3 days, i have been waking up past 12. not cool. a huge waste of time.

i have also completed season 2 of Big Bang Theory. and im kinda glad Penny and Leonard are together ^^

oh wells, feeling hungry again.. sigh. it’s not just greed. my stomach is really empty. what to do.. sleep it off. hope to get better tmr. could use some of the thai food we had today. ive been eying the fried stuff at i ❤ Taimei. apparently they have tofu fries. highly fascinating.. we walked past 2 i ❤ Taimeis at Bugis today. i heard their fried stuff are yummy. but staying away from fried stuff as much as i can for now, as well as fast food.


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