feel worse today. now that im having holidays, i have this bad habit of being too lazy to get food when im hungry. because my house has no food, i have to step out of my house to buy lunch etc. so being sick these few days, i have been literally starving myself ): it’s sad. so today, i finally got off my lazy butt to go feed myself. however, i ended up having some noodles and 2 day old 100plus in the fridge and puking everything out in the evening. i hate vomiting. it’s the worst feeling on earth. there was once i had some food poisoning or something. and i absolutely refused to vomit despite feeling queasy. so i had to endure it for a few hours in bed ): i know that vomiting everything out is always better but still ): so anyway, feeling feeble and weak now. and still having a flu. this week is kinda bad i guess ):

hopefully tmr will be better.



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