finally a sunday that is not spent at home doing nothing. awesome much.

went to catch The Lion King with my family + Aaron. it was soooo spectacularrrr!!! i honestly dont remember watching the lion king movie. but i do remember watchin Timone and Pumba on Kids Central on Saturdays last time ^^ the life-size puppets were really coollll+awesome music(esp the traditional African percussion instruments)+superb singers. i enjoyed the show very much (: the use of the platforms on the stage was quite cool as well.first time catching a show at the MBS theatre. i think my fav characters were Timone and Pumba. funny+cute=too awesome

got to try TWG macarons as well. nothing special lehhhh. i think the mint one tasted like spearmint chewing gum. haha. i could have bought 6 double cheeseburgers instead of 6 small macarons. haha.

dinner was at Todai. buffet! my dad was super insistent on eating there tho i honestly dont really like buffets. there is always the pressure of eating more than u want to because of the price! the food was of pretty good standard. they served chilli crabs as well. but this time instead if just putting a pot of crabs there for u to help yourself, they have a staff there to portion the crabs to those who wanted. U HAD TO QUEUE. lol. and everyone only had 2 pcs. haha. so funny. even before the crabs were out, there were ppl queuing at the crab place. haha. before i knew there were crabs, i was happy helping myself to some other food and suddenly there was a man who ran past me. i later figured he was running back to his table to put his crabs down and go join the queue for more. HAHAHA. oh. i think it was quite an interesting place because most of the staff are Korean. interestinggggg. parking at MBS cost us a whopping $24!!!!! insane. lol.

all in all a pretty wonderful day! Hakuna Matata!

the whole saturday morning and afternoon was spent in Orchard. how weird it is for me to be in orchard on a Saturday. with all the crowds etc. i dont like crowds. i like shopping on weekdays when i dont have to squeeze with people in shops. went to watch Aaron’s band perform at Orchard central. must say they were the best out of the 3 bands. the last band was pretty good tho. they had good music, but i think the vocalist let herself go too loose tho she has a pretty good voice. and their music was kinda loud. but i guess it was still good. the performance went pretty well after all the practices ^^

so tomorrow it’s bad to Monday again, where i have nothing to do. HAHHA. i need to find something to do. i must!!! must not waste my precious holidays away. i have only 2 more weeks left!! :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


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