it’s yet another slack day


made cheesecake with strawberry jelly on top with julia. $20 only allowed us to make 8. lol. shld have bought more cream cheese. the rest were just mere estimation with the sugar etc. lol. i dont know why but i let myself loose on the food today. real bad. the chicken rice and tortilla chips + dips were enough to kill. feel oily in my stomach. green tea to the rescue. i need to save stomach space for Morton’s tmr ^^ my mom’s bday tmr.

on other news, i dyed my hair today. with home dye. i scraped the idea of spluring on a haircut+dye+treatment that would set me back a good $100+. so i figured a $19.90 home dye would work. julia was the hairdresser. lol. the dye job went pretty ok. but i think i need more for the lower part of my hair. it’s practically black. till next time when someone offers to help dye my hair for me.

i have also completed season 3 of Big Bank Theory. yay me.

starving. cant wait to eat the ba zhang for breakfast tmr. lol. i am a glutton.was just browsing through ladyironchef. that kinda explains the hunger pangs.took a trip down to Ikea with Aaron to satisfy my meatball cravings after MONTHS. :OOOO but yea. meatballs with extra sauce + Tabasco just superbbbbbbbbbb.  yum tum tum.

oh. it’s 1:12am. there goes my sleep early plan ):


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