happy mummy!

do NOT look at the hot chocolate cake! do NOT! lol. seriously, it was to.die.for we were so focused on the hot chocolate flowing out of the cake that my mom forgot to blow the candle. HAHAHA. seriously. but yummmmmyyyy

it’s been a wonderful day. spent the night celebrating my mom’s birthday with my family at Morton’s Chicago Steakhouse. splendid. photos tomorrow. or rather later today. we had 2 types of steak. no idea what cuts they were, but they were awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. probably worth every dollar spent. slurppppssss. no idea when i will ever get to go back there again.

visited my grandmother in the evening and she doesnt need the oxygen tank to help her breathe now, which is great. have to keep praying for her salvation.

so right now, im still feeling SUPER bloated. after the buffet on Sunday and a huge dinner today, i am feeling as fat as ever. hope i can be productive tmr. will try to wake up before 12. it’s a busy weekend ahead!


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