we literally ate a cow

personalized menu for the occasion. how nice! they even scattered confetti on the table. cute!

their all famous onion loaf. served piping hot on the inside with beautifully salted butter on the side. had to try not the devour the whole thing while waiting for bernice. this is serve automatically. u dont have to order. and every table gets one huge loaf. no matter 1 person dining alone or a table of 5. haha.
presentation of the menu with the different cuts of meat.
dinner is served!!! all the dishes came at the same time brought in by about 4 waiters. look at the size of the meat! plus the thickness! side orders are ala carte
meh. i dont like these kinda salmon. too salty.
red juicy goodness. just a bit too rare for our liking tho, but the fact that they served it without any sauces means they probably trust that it's packed full of flavour on it's own. too awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. im salivating at this picture NOW.
need i say more???? loved the crunch of the corners of the cake. ahhhhhh. sinful goodness.
Mandarin Oriental


after yesterday’s dinner, i didnt think i would want to go back there and have steak given it’s price. but today, i totally feel like going back there for their steak. there are no words to describe it. i can only imagine the flavors swimming in my mouth.oh wells.

i have been thinking of mcspicy the whole evening. the spicy and crispy goodness. ahhh. been weeks since i had macdonalds. i almost caved into temptation and asked Bernice to buy me food from macs after her tuition. but she didnt have money. and again almost asked Aaron to buy me macs after his training. but he said i shouldnt eat. *WAILS* i want fast food. i want fried food. i have to resist.

let’s see what happens tmr.


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