Live to eat


My mcspicy with cheese in a delicious mess^^

I tried my best to sleep early but I ended up tossing in bed for an last meal was at 6pm so I was very hungry at i had a small bowl of cereal tho I know eating at this time is bad.I finally satisfied my craving for a mcspicy today.this time, I added cheese for the first time.i had it by the pool so at least after eating I would go and make myself swim some of the mcspicy away(:but when I reached the pool, I realized I forgot to bring my goggles AGAIN! So I tried my best to swim without was bearable.but now my eyes are pretty painful when I rub them.

Okay.that was a little rant.I am starving.

I would like to eat…

Egg cheese mushroom prata only from al alif.this was the prata I had week after week and eventually made me fat.thanks.but it’s been months since I had them
Ikan bilis fried rice from al alif.too too awesome
Nong shim spicy instant noodles.
One more mcspicy with cheese please.thankyouverymuch.

Oh are such a glutton


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