Rise of the Planet of the Apes

i honestly didnt knw what this movie was about until i sat down and watched it. i went cuz it was a free movie premier. thanks to Aaron’s colleague. woohoo. honestly, the 2nd half of the movie i was covering my mouth. because it was so scary!!!! i couldnt help it. cuz the whole idea of Apes taking over the whole world seems so bizzare. initially, the main Ape was pretty cool. like he is super smart and all. but he because seriously scary after being captured. lol. plus towards the end it/he could speak :O shocking. lol.

caught Captain America yesterday. it wasnt bad too. loved the red lip of the female actress. i was just thinking when they filmed it, she was the only female actress around.surrounded by so many men. haha. Captain America sure does have a few frisbee skills in the movie. lol.

listening to The Lion King musical soundtrack. so awesome. reminds me of the musical we watched. it was so so so good. everyone please go watch it.


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