i should totally be sleeping. but me being me, im still debating whether i should go to school tmr just to print/buy notes. i mean i can always do it on monday and go queue at the printing shop/at the printers ): this is bad! but i guess, i have to make the effort to be a responsible student. why is ntu so far!!!! hope i wont procrastinate tomorrow.take a cab maybe?

met jolyn and sharron after dinner and it was the first time i drove them out because usually sharron drives. and i had to parallel park for the first time since i passed my driving test! that was one year ago mind u all! gosh! no lines no nothing! i was half freaking out. thankfully i had sharron to help me and i didnt scratch anyone’s car. phew. traumatic experience. and now if only i have a car to drive to school..

feeling queasy after having half a cup of that super thick teh bing at ah mei’s. thankfully i knew better not to finish it after seeing msyterious lumps of ‘fat’ or what-have-they floating in the cup. jolyn finished hers plus a whole prata. think she was about to barf after her meal. eeps. note to self: never to have that drink there anymore. wait. never to eat anything from there. too unhealthy. but anyway, chillout sessions like these are good. sadly, time is running out. i am wishing for one more shopping session before school starts.. i need back-t0-school clothes #excuses. im am not looking forward to the mediocre food at the school canteens. hall canteens serves better food. guess i will still be patronizing Can 9 and 11

having din tai fung this saturday with julia. hello to dumplings filled with pork fat + carbs from their yummy fried rice. lol. haha. okay la. i know i will enjoy my food there. because the paragon outlet has never disappointed.

my back and arms are aching from badminton yesterday. i am indeed very rusty with badminton. but nothing like a good match with players who are game. but i would only call myself a leisure player. probably why i never excelled in matches. lol. gone are the days! sigh fly.

alright. probably time to hit the sack. at this rate, i’ll never be able to adjust my body clock. for some reason, my alarm hasnt been ringing. i guess it knows i will snooze it anyway or it figures i can afford to sleep in a few more hours minutes.

i dont know why this post is sounding kinda weird. must be too much big bang theory. haha.



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