it’s raining

so nope, not going to step out of the house. i shall get down to doing something productive. yesterday i managed to clear most of my table to get started for school. i shall go work on some church stuff. getting a bit stressed out by all these things i have to settle. who says i’m very free huh.

speaking about school, i FINALLY received my baggu bags from the spree girl (if you follow me on twitter) that’s gnna be my school bag for at least one sem. now just gotta wait for the fake toms i ordered to arrive. sigh. dont even remind me about those toms.

wish i could go for a manicure now. and i am still craving for fried food. thankfully, i crave, but i dont really succumb to eating them. because fried food killsssssss. sigh. why does yummy food always have to be unhealthy? as u can tell, it’s the time of the day when i am bored and hungry. AGAIN. bye


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