“Ye of little faith”

it’s so amazing, i cant even believe it. just last night, or rather, the whole of yesterday, i was complaining about not able to get my desired index for this elective. but i realized. hey, it’s not something within my control. i should stop fretting over it. and for the first time in 3 months, i journal-ed last night and penned down some of my thoughts. one of which was about the index. i somehow also figured that, well, i asked God for this index but even if i dont get it, i guess i’ll learn to work around that timetable (believe me, it’s rather sucky). so i settled upon that and went to bed

today went by, pretty normally. still no luck with those indexes. “maybe tomorrow” i told myeslf. afterall, this add-drop period is all about being there are the right time to click those annoying little indexes and wait for a vaccancy. cut the long story short, i now have not 1, but 3 of the same indexes that i can change to. both my friend and i can change to the same time slots together and work on the assignment in pairs. indeed, it’s amazing. i honestly thought i would never get that index because i never had lucky with such things. but who says you need luck when you have God?

school has been pretty great. looking forward to the weekends.


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