hahaha. aaron’s at car-less for at least 5 days. i have a feeling he’s gnna be cabbing everywhere. BAHHA. but being car-less is difficult. had to lug my heavy bag everywhere! no idea why it’s so heavy tho. got to try twelvecupcakes today.i think the chocolate chocolate one is pretty good.

anyway, school’s started and it’s time to work hard! i will try my best to conquer circuit analysis! hardest mod this sem. i was struggling SO HARD to stay away during lecture this morning 830-1030. kept yawning. seriously. it felt like torture because i cannot afford to fall asleep for lectures. sigh. it was so hard. and i need to sleep now. early morning tmr. badminton with jc peeps tmr. after so so so long! whee. need to work out a healthy eating plan. ntu food is far from healthy!

gnna meet aaron at the MRT to take train tmr. HAHA. this is quite funny.


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