healthy eating

check this out. 25 super snacks with 100 calories or less. i dont really count my calories. but the snacks look really yummy + they’re low in calories. i would be trying some of these out. i had subway for tea today. regretted. i dont really think subway is healthy anymore): the amount of sodium and preservatives ): and if i eat it, no more sauce! ok. i need to stop trying to be a health freak here. because i ate burger king on monday. not sure what came over me. haha. ok.

will blog about about Green Tea next. addicted to drinking it. nope, not the Poka bottled sweet Green Tea. it’s the real deal yo. the amount of health benefits is insane! till next time!

feeling dead sleepy. went to exercise just now. too tired to do much. but i must persevere!


One thought on “healthy eating

  1. zomgahhhh. how to eat less when all the snacks look so yummy! ): even if they are less than 100 calories, i will eat more than the stipulated amount! so evil D:

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