It’s been a great week.those so-called “bad things” are insignificant because these wonderful things way surpass the bad.

Wether it was standing on a train all the way from jurong east to bedok (which I didn’t even want to go at first) or going back to school to do something that I could have done at home, to rushing for last minute cannot be compared to having answered prayers, intimate encounters with Him and the feeling of joy and peace within. Peace in your hearts cannot be bought with money, neither can it be found in relationships with can only be found in God’s warm embrace.the smile not only on your face, but in your many people, even Christians themselves are missing out on the best feeling in the world.I find myself pretty foolish to realize it only this week that God is so much more than we can ever imagine.I have been missing out in weeks and maybe even months of God’s goodness.there are much greater things that are yet to come.will keep pushing forward!(:

Work wise, tutorials and revisions are piling up.I want to flip open that Circuits Analysis textbook so badly to revise those additional questions.I want to do well for this module.but I am not sure when I will actually do it looking at how busy I am.but, I know that somehow, God will see me through.I just have to make more time and make more sacrifices.I hope my almost finalized timetable will work for me.11 more weeks of school(:

Gotta rest now for church tmr.I am so blessed that I had my mom and sister to help me out with the board just now.f not I think I would still be awake now.ok! Goodnight!



that, my friends is a breadboard.I told my lab partner this deserves a of our first circuits. It is like a few years of physics finally coming to life.tho I don’t have much of a clue how to set up these circuits myself.haha.
20110821-013434.jpgone of the benefits of not staying in hall and having my dad send me to school on most morning.breakfast on one of those days.who eats bread like THAT? my dad of course.totally tho he cannot eat the parts that his hands touched?!

Ok! More photos soon!


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