Indulging in fooooood

I am right now, lying in bed with a mask on my face(: pretty nice feeling.must say the mask is quite’s My Beauty Diary masks.strawberry yogurt flavour.I assure u it smells edible! Wnna try out the rest as well(: tonnes of other flavors.including chocolate!

Went for lunch with Aaron after church to spend some long waited time was simple and nice.finally had my waffles+ice cream craving satisfied^^ still wnna eat the one at udders tho.. Hehe.with snickers ice cream.we tried the fried chicken too! Pretty tasty!

I didn’t go to my grandfathers’ place for dinner so work on my tutorials.met Aaron for dinner instead.had chicken cheese murtabak! :O it was yums! Told you today was me indulging in food! Murtabaks are evil tho! Very evil!

Had steamboat dinner with my family yesterday! Pretty yummy too! It’s at the heavy vehicle carpak near jurong side.they sell satay there too.I honestly don’t like satay but the ones there are pretty decent! And yea.steamboat on a rainy day is always awesome! ^^

Meeting jolyn tmr at westmall to eat the jap food there!!!!! Oyakodon! I will meet u very soon.seriously the one there is to.die.for!! *excited*

Ok.enough of food! Gnna sleep! Bye!


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