my first apple product

i remember sometime in sec 2, my friend, Mellissa had an ipod. it was so cool back then. i wanted one badly. before that, i dont remember having an mp3. a few months later, i had my first ipod shuffle. uber cool. got it free from singtel after applying for some phone/internet contract. i was in loveeee with it. i remember it had a blue flowery sticker. then i think 1 year later or something i wanted an ipod still. like fo’ real. so somehow my dad got the ipod nano 2nd gen from him office. used that as well. it was in green. then at the end of jc1, my parents bought me an iphone. never really knew what that was back then. cuz it was pretty new.didnt think it would be great. AND.IT.WAS.AWESOME.used that for awhile then change to the 3gs in white. no macbook yet tho. lol. i am waiting for the next iphone to come out. YEAHHHHHHHH. so yea. the whole apple products thing is because i saw someone blog about it too in sort of a commemoration of Steven Jobs resigning as CEO of apple. haha. doesnt really bother me in anyway actually.


ok. so zero work done tonight.i spent money on modelsown. heehee. and i get to drive to school tmr. double YEEAHHHHHHHHHH.fed a hungry, tired and injured boy just now called aaron. poor thing. he had leftover pizza and baked chicken wings. it was yumz in my opinion. my mom makes a mean baked chicken wing. OKAY. TIME TO SLEEP. i need to wake up super early tmr.


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