feeling pretty tired after a long day. 6:30pm-9pm lecture tmr. yup. u read that right. haha. and i have lessons in the morning. so i guess i will be in school the whole day!

im still drinking at least one cup of green tea a day! awesome. green tea aids in digestion, increases your metabolism rate, curbs acne and helps you lose weight! i detest it when after a meal, i feel all oily inside so green tea is awesome in helping to get rid of that gross feeling inside. feel less bloated. ahyia. everyone please just go drink green tea. i assure u it’s great!

oh wells, just feeling lazy right now. i want to watch my show.. or should i study? haha. honestly, the past few days have been mind-boggling. it’s kinda funny as well because all these things are like so deeeepppp yet somewhat interesting. i hope i can keep up with the pace! need to be more motivated! not sure whether i made the right choice to take 2 electives this sem… plus there are so many projects. 3! haha. work harddd!

alright. rather incoherent post. goodbye!


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