sunday afternoons + more photos

feeling super sleepy after a lousy lunch. mom made us eat burger king. ew.trying to down a cup of green tea now. i have to stay away from fast food because friday night’s dinner was 2 scoops of island creamery and fries. UGH. real bad.

ultra sleepyyyy. NOOOOOOOO. i am gonna revise circuits. and i realized the layout of my blog is hideous. too lazy to change. ok. i just want my online purchases to arrive now. bye!

skinless chicken chop
some spicy fish thing with fries instead of rice -.-
crispy waffle.i honestly prefer fluffy ones. but alright to satisfy my 2 weeks long craving
chicken cheese murtabak on "cook a pot of curry" day
very berry and reverso. could have preferred cookies and cream and nutella. but the very gracious me gave in to greedy Aaron. haha!
friday night

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