hello. just when i want to put God at the back of my priorities, He reminds me yet again that He is so powerful. Tabitha posted a story of this Muslim man that saw Jesus just as He was about to die. it was just an amazing story that i was so close to crying from the touching story. and i seldom get emotional at such stuff. indeed, God is real.

also, another amazing thing that happened today was that i realized next monday’s 530-830 class is cancelled. YEAHHHHH. which was excellent news for me because it falls on my birthday. and who wants to spend 530-830 on your birthday in school? not me. not that i really have a huge plan for my birthday. but yea. haha. i grew up in a family where birthdays arent that much of a biggie(:

in other news, my friend palm read me today. it was kinda hilarious. i tried to take the things he said with a pinch of salt. among which, he said i was a loyal person, i am a good teacher, i will get my dream job,i am a logical person, i think far into the fuuture. hahaha. the funniest part was when we were in the crowded lift, and he was focusing on analyzing the lines on my palm and then he said ” you are not the kind of girl who will get jealous easily. because most girls are the jealous type” IN A LIFT FULL OF GIRLS. HAHAHHAA. strangers to be exact. we were standing at the back of the lift and necks were turned to see who was actually speaking. HAHAHA. hilarious. i couldnt stop laughing. i dont think the girls were very happy after hearing that. HAHAHAHA. funnyyyyyy.

alright. i have a quiz on friday. arghhhh.

very hungry nowwwwww. goodnight.


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