it’s been awhile.

been sometime since i posted a proper blog entry. ive been too busy. and i havent been feeling well. i have been getting gastric pretty often since last week most likely due to stress. sigh. one more week to recess week means 2 weeks to study for my 5 quizzes. i dont know how i am gnna do that. lecturers are getting more complicated into the weeks. and it’s frustrating when u try to follow but u cant even understand. having problems with my DIP group. having 10 people in a group is really too much. hope all gets settled soon.

went for the x-campus run on wednesday and we literally ran in thunder and lightning towards the end of the was kinda scary with bolts of lightning flashing across the sky. but anyway, i managed to complete the run in 52 mins. 6.8km. but yea. it’s been many months since i last ran the NTU route. after the run, i felt even more sick. because it’s been about 2 weeks since my flu and ive yet to recover. bah. hope this sunday’s yellow ribbon run will go well.

time to catch up on some work. although i honestly dont feel like doing anything after this crazy week.


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