Of sounds and sights (and sweat)

Just came back from the Saturday F1.after goin for 3 years straight, it kinda lost the novelty for me.its too crowded for me. I dislike crowds.I guess I prefer watching it on tv where everything is clearer.but this time, Aaron finally got to go.So yay.but he was kinda tired.he can even fall asleep while session is going on -.-

Feeling dead tired.I’m still trying to get used to waking up early to walk the dogs and clean up their area.now my utmost priority is to toilet train them to pee at the right spot.but it’s not easy because u have to really clean up the wrong spots well so they don’t get confused with the smell.now the can sit on command.they can do ‘paw’ and Bandon and do ‘down’.heehee.and they have new chew toys to play with. Now it’s 2am and they’re still whining/fighting with each other.go to bed babies!

Recess week is here.let the studying begin!

Had quite a fruitful bible study today with my cellgroup.for once I felt well prepared.I shall put in more effort for bible study.


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