rainy mornings

i rarely have blog so early in the morning. but this is in attempt to NOT go back to sleep. the past week i have been waking up at 7am to feed my dogs and then going back to sleep. and waking up later and later every day. it really annoys me. but i am really tired. so i decided to NOT burn the midnight oil last night after my dinner with natasha and sharron but go and sleep instead. anyway, i used to like rainy mornings. or rainy days especially when i am indoors. but now, i am beginning to dislike them very much. because my dogs will get scared and their living area gets wet. i feel sad and frustrated. because i cannot do anything and they will start whining. booo. hopefully we’ll figure out some solutions soon. like to mend the roof or to get them a kennel kinda thing. bah. $$$$$$. but im happy their doing well. i just cant bring them out for walks yet. boo. my goal is the bring them for runs. while aaron’s is to play frisbee with them. hope we can when they’re older.

i have 3 more days to my first quiz. argh. i am not prepared. i need to make my hours count!

monday-energy resource management

tuesday-digital electronics



anyway, had a really good dinner yesterday, albeit being too full! all because of natasha. lol. we had pizza at Pepperoni’s. great ambience, nice food, and best of all, NO SERVICE CHARGE AND GST. awesome. after having 2 pizzas, natasha still said she was hungry and she decided to order a pasta. a bolognese (surprisingly i spelled that right the first time). well, i never order bolognese. because i am always very suay with pastas and order the ones that arent’ nice. BUT. it was really good. not the thick watered down sauce kind. but it was a thick beefy sauce. so even tho i was kinda full, we managed to clean off the plate, sauce all wiped up(: we even had ice cream after that at island creamery. lol. i guess an indulgence once in awhile is fine. haha.

okay, there isnt any noise coming from downstairs. so i guess my dogs are sleeping. woo.

list of shows i want to watch but cant because i will feel guilty. all the new seasons have started ):

  1. modern family ( this i have not given up because it is too awesome)
  2. the amazing race(dont think im giving this up either. lol)
  3. grey’s anatomy. still lagging by a few seasons
  4. the jersey shore. i know it’s crap show but it’s a good laugh
  5. the big bang theory. for me to feel like a nerd.
  6. the new season of ANTM somehow is enticing me right now.

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