tomorrow will be better

didnt have a very good day today.just realized i left my GC probably in the canteen this afternoon because i was too sad about my test. screwed up the circuits test. it’s late and im trying to study for my last test. after the tests, i have 3 projects to work on on top of my normal school workload. plus a couple of other non-school related stuff. i am not sure how i am gnna handle them all. still trying out how to be disciplined enough. and i havent had enough rest recently.

i just need school to end. and i want to get away from Singapore.

okay, i guess i need to learn to take things one step at a time. because everytime i look at my calendar for the month of october i get pretty stressed ): okay. till after my math test. bye


One thought on “tomorrow will be better

  1. yes me too me too, when i look at october. it’s crazy. just take it one step at a time! that’s all we can do. God is in control ❤

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