A rather regretful week

This post is gnna be a bit depressing.

I honestly regretted how this week went by.the amount of stress I put myself through wasnt exactly worth it.the way I struggled to surrender my tests to God makes me wonder how much faith do I actually have? I can’t even walk the talk.

So much went on today that I’m feeling so drained.hope it ends here. Felt really happy seeing my dogs enjoying the rawhide I bought for them. BUT Rusty decided to steal Bandon’s one and Bandon started barking at Rusty): at 11pm. So I had to remove it in order to stop the barking and not disturb the neighbours ): boo.

Alright.a whole week of projects and elearning videos.

Oh yes. I did pretty well for one of my quizzes.praise God! Didn’t expect such results.which actually made me feel really bad after knowing my results.like I didn’t feel happy because I know i didn’t deserve it.yet God still gave and had plenty more to share.

I haven’t woken up past 9am ever since I had my doggies.having loads of doggy woes now.I need a way out.


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