lagging behind

they were pretty intrigued by the sound of the camera. check out Bandon's ears. He looks like piglet.
naughty dog.
Bandon standing by the pond that he occasionally drinks from. HAHA.

this e-learning week is flying by too fast. i have not viewed a single electure. it’s getting to me. ive been so busy with my projects. it doesnt help that the business project is so vague. i really need time to multiply and for my efficiency to increase.

time has also been taken up as i have to look after my dogs. their current obsession is newspapers. sigh. every morning, im greeted with shredded newspapers covered in pee. food and treats are also running out a fast rate. wish i had more time to spend with them so they would be less bored. the other day, Bandon choked on a rawhide that was chewed  to a really small piece.thankfully i wasnt there.if not i would have freaked out.

okay. enough about my dogs. gotten back the results of another quiz, i did pretty ok, but more than half the class got full marks -.- haha. okay. shall not complain.

back to my project.


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