doggy update


yesterday was Bandon and Rusty’s second visit to the vet.this time it was a little more challenging. to even put their harnesses on was a huge hurdle. because they have grown SO MUCH. last time even the smallest adjustment for the harness would be too loose for Bandon and now we have to adjust until the largest. needless to say for Rusty, it’s even worse for him. HAHA. lol.

on our way there, Rusty kept whining like a baby ): and half way, he VOMITTED!
poor boy! he was car sick. i could hear his stomach churning so loudly before the snacks we fed him came pouring out. haha. could tell he looked pretty queasy after that. so we had them have their 2nd vaccination and also mircochipped them. looked kinda painful for them): but at least now they are official citizens! haha.

Bandon had a 300% increase in weight from the last weigh in, which was a month ago. HAHA. i guess we have been feeding them right. alright. back to studying for my test this friday. the projects are killing me. i have a phobia already. 3 projects all due one week after another. shudders. all these will end next wednesday then i can officially START STUDYING FOR MY EXAMS.


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