another doggie update :D


yes yes, i am still not sick of my dogs. heehee. it’s been less than 2 months. but boy have they grown. their characters are really starting to show. Rusty initially seemed like the fiercer one. but in actual fact, he’s a timid little boy. haha. he’s afraid of almost everything! from plastic bags to umbrellas. haha. probably because he had a bad scare when he was young. he’ll try almost anything to get that treat out of your hand into his tummy. usually when we ask him to “sit”, he will stare at you with his puppy eyes, constantly shifting to eye the treat in your hand. then if u dont respond he will try a few things. he will try to “paw” or “down” even tho we didnt give that instruction to. haha. it’s kinda funny to watch.

Bandon, on the other hand, likes to bark at strangers. it’s kinda annoying and i intend to correct that behaviour. but i suppose he just wants to protect the house. and not to mention his HUGE piglet ears. HAHAHA.they are always upright. but these kinda ears are good because they are not prone to infection. haha.

just now when i went home, i tried to sneak through the main gate. i lifted the latch off the gate super softly. but Rusty immediately heard it although he was sleeping and went to check out who it was. their sense of hearing is amazing. now they recognize the jingle of my keys as well. haha.

sadly,Rusty has grown a tad too heavy. i cant carry him with one hand like i used to be. i feel kinda sad. soon it will happen to Bandon too ): sobs. alright. shall not talk too much about them to bore you guys out

Aaron’s away in Shanghai enjoying life with his students. while my exams are 2 weeks away. wednesday’s presentation went well. after the 3 groups presented, the tutor asked us who we felt presented well and the first name that was mentioned was mine. i was pretty shocked and also humbled. because i didnt think my presentation was great. nevertheless, to me, it was God’s form of encouragement to me. thank God that HW210 is finally over and done with. hopefully all the hardwork can earn me an A grade (:

leading worship again tmr. havent had much time to ponder over it. but friday’s bible study helped me put serving into perspective again. i am thankful because God works in wondrous ways. i will make the choice to honor Him first before all else and i believe everything else will fall in’ll still a long way to me until i make it back to the spiritual closeness to God like i used to have. but i am thankful that God doesnt condemn and never stops giving.

okay. doggie pictures. not much, but still cute to me (: doggie party after exams? haha.

day 1. timid, scared and hungryyyyyy!!!

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