Hunger pangs

I could still be studying more if not for my rumbling tummy.super hungry now tho I had cereal just now): where did the time fly to!

Just craving for a mcspicy with cheese.seriously that is the best thing ever hands down! But I rarely eat it.maybe once in two months.but I had it on Friday and it made me soo soo happy despite the stressful studying.haha.

Anyway, today ended badly because my parents want me to get rid of Bandon and Rusty again. I am feeling really upset.if only I can train them not to run into the house and out of the main gate… But I don’t really know how.. Pray God’s will be carried out.

Need to study more more more tmr! need to start working on math which has the highest weightage and I’m not even focusing on that! What am I thinking! At least circuits and DE more or less cleared.why do I have 6 exams man! Sob.okay.still craving mcspicy.better go sleep!


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