I think I studied close to 12hrs straight today.from around 12pm to 11:45pm.with short breaks of course.trying to chiong for math.i finally managed to clear numerical methods.all glory to God.those 11hrs were one of the most efficient study sessions I had.God is indeed amazing.tmr I have to clear Laplace and Fourier.not sure how I can study for em9105.i guess I have to leave that to after math.which I have less than 24hrs to study for it.its insane!

Anyway, studying in sch today till late made me miss hall life! When I used to study till late at night and then walk back to hall from canA.good times.oh yes.really thank God for Aaron who picked me up from sch at 12:30 just now.it meant a lot to me because traveling takes time and time means revision!

Feel bad for neglecting my babies this week.i hope they understand.they’re getting cuter and funnier by the day.tho I don’t know how long I can keep them for.okay.time to sleep.thank God for everything today.bye!


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