1.5 more days

1.5 more days to cram everything into my brain. For this biz paper I do need to memorize everything required.at least there are exam tips.hopefully I can do better to make up for the algo paper today which was :/

Things have been pretty uncertain these days.was rather angry at my friend this morning.I was seriously mad.and I don’t even get this angry often.kinda upset me jus before the paper.oh wells.

4:15am.crazy time to sleep.been another rough night of emotions again.I am starving. I can’t wait to spend more time with Bandon the cutie and Rusty the whiny.need to start them gettin used to the new harnesses.to think 3 months back even the smallest adjustment for the harness was too lose for Bandon. My dad even wanted to buy him a kitten collar.haha.but he has definitely grown to be a very calm and peaceful dog.unlike rusty why whines like a huge baby every morning.so I end up giving him more food.but I think that is makin him a bit fat! There’s only so many tennis balls I can throw until they get bored.after all, 2 dogs chasing after one ball always results in fighting.and now with their teeth, albeit milk teeth, is pretty scary.i don’t even dare to go near.

Okay.i need to get exams over and done with.my uncle’s family is coming from from Australia tmr and I have to sleep in the family area for 2 weeks^^ excitinggg.


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