fulfilling day!

indeed it is. i finally have time to spend a little more time with Bandon and Rusty. boy have they grown! yesterday Aaron and I brought them out for their first night walk after badminton. i think they enjoyed themselves with the cool weather. they are walking a lot better now. we even brought them to visit their parents, which are the stray dogs near my house. there is one that looks exactly like Bandon. probably his mom or dad. and he was just looking at us for a really long time. it felt kinda sad. so today, Aaron and i brought them to the dog run at West Coast park. which was really a long walk from the mcdonalds. when we finally got there, the dogs were tired out already. haha. and there were no dogs there! ): they didnt really wnna play fetch either. so we just let them run in the hugeeee compound. not bad for a first time. hopefully next time there will be other dogs there for them to socialize with.


youth camp was great. fruitful ^^ now i just need to work hard for JJC. quite a lot of loose ends to tie up. but after praying for the helpers today, i felt better. may all things work out in God’s timing. need to get down to plan my timetable to register modules on friday. seems like i have to work tmr! the only reason i  am working now is so i can save some money for my dog treats! haha. i dont like teaching baking anymore. so boring. i rather be rolling fondant with the aunty. lol.


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