an eventful day

woke up and decided to take up the challenge to walk my dogs alone for the first time. i never thought i could do it because they can be a bit loony.but surprisingly, it was manageable. rushed to work where we made ice cream. haha. been a long time since i conducted a class. tried the new pinwheel cookies. which were rather yummy. went home for dinner where aaron devoured most of the fried kuning fishes and the pork. then we brought the dogs for a 1.5hr walk.we even did sprints which were very fun! i wont say they are the best at walking but at least they got their exercise. i would love to be able to walk them twice a day. but im not too sure when school starts ): kinda worried.

anyway, i havent been shopping for months. i feel so so so deprived. but i dont have the time now. but i cant seem to find the things i want! like a cable knit sweater top and a forest green dress! i know LB has the forest green dress but they always sell out! so annoying anyone who knows where to get the above items please comment down below!!

timetable registration tmr! i havent even decided what elective to take! i feel undecided because i am not sure if i should take the plunge to take 23 AUs next sem. the 5 cores seem like a killer already. but if i dont take, means i surely have to do summer studies to clear that elective. ah. decisions decisions

oh yes. in other news, i am so glad LUSH has come to singapore. i highly recommend the Sea Salt scrub. awesomest scrub EVER. it has lime, VODKA and huge grains of salt in it. i love it that after washing your face, it doesnt feel TOO squeaky clean unlike some scrubs. ie the St. Ives one. instead, your skin feel so soft,smooth and bouncy! too awesome. WILL repurchase. also, the Angels on Bare Skin cleanser i have been using is great too! i have not had any pimples since using it. it’s a gentle exfoliator too with mysterious things inside. haha. LUSH is love. heehee


this has been a random post. bye!


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