hehe. bombarded you guys with a gigantic photo of aaron and i

i think it’s safe to say this has been one of the best Christmas ive had. it’s not about the huge celebrations etc but the warmth in my heart. this christmas is exceptionally meaningful because i truly felt the church was one huge family. not just people i see on weekends. got to know SO MANY more people in church and to work with them was indeed a blessing 😀 praise God for everything

went to the dinosaur exhibition thingie with aaron on wednesday. haha. the boy was rather disappointed somehow because the dinosaurs were not ‘real’ enough? haha. to pay $20 wasnt very worth it. the omni theatre show was pretty good tho.

just had a huge prata supper just now with aaron and family. guilt to the max! i havent had supper from alif in sucha long time! used to eat it every saturday. hahaha.

so dead tired now but i dont feel like sleeping. crossing my fingers for Hokkaido in january before school madness starts once again. anyone offers to dog sit bandon and rusty? hehe.

merry christmas everyone 😀




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