Last day of the year

Here I am, last day of the year! I survived another sem of school! No mean feat counting my blessings.

Anyway, I’ve been so busy with so many things that i can barely catch up.havent had time to pack my room since exams ended.i better do so before school starts.kinda disappointed I’m not going on holiday anymore): I have to wait till school ends.thats another 4 month wait! Haha.

This year has indeed been full of ups and downs.ive grown quite a bit and I hope to keep working on myself and other things in life that really do the things I enjoy.because looking back.the way I get so stressed over school is honestly not worth it.i lose sleeping and get so drained out.bah.hopefully I can bring myself to take it down a notch next sem despite the crazy number of modules again.

On the bus on the way to church looking like crap.haha.dont think my family will have a countdown of any kind :/ because the old folks are boring! Hopefully my cousins and I can work something out.hahaha.

Last year on new year’s day I was in gold coast and shouting out of the hotel window and doing lotsa lame things at the stroke of midnight. Hahahah.okay.bye


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