At the stroke of midnight

Hahahahaha.this year, I am in Singapore for the new year unlike last after the dinner at my cousins place, we attempted to go somewhere.after driving in rounds, we ended up in fort canning part only to celebrate the first few minutes of the new year with a huge bunch of Malays near us.haha.and we saw half of what was fireworks.haha.the other half was blocked. It was a pretty fail attempt.haha.

Brought bandon and rusty for an awesome walk in the really drained their energy.which means no diggin of holes and chewing things they are not supposed to chew.i was pretty battered as well.hope they enjoyed themselves.just that bandon likes to eat random bits of grass.eeps.

Sending my relatives off back to aussie tmr.will miss them.

I am glad God has seen me thought a whole new year.its been a year of learning new things and experiencing a lot more.i feel this year I was a lot more emotional in dealing with things.but anyway, I hope for an even better year.May God continue to see me thought another sem in school.the thought of school starting in 8 days kinda scares me.haha.



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