Cold nights

It’s been a pretty long day and now my mind is kind full of thoughts.. Been awhile since i last updated also..

Brought Rusty to the vet today and Bandon tagged along too.rusty had a small wound at the back of his head and we brought him to get it checked.the vet that saw us wasnt the usual one we see.. And it turned out to be a horrible experience for the vet as well as rusty.for the usual vet, she will give the dogs a cookie to distract them when taking temperature and giving injection and it usually works fine.this time the doc didn’t.and rusty didnt like her very much to start he struggled very very badly when we had to pin him down to shave the hair off his wound.the doc ended up not applying any ointment on Rusty.and we had to do it ourselves at home.after that struggle with the vet, and a few attempts to bite her, Rusty was left pretty traumatized.he never growled at any human for the 4 months that we has him.and today he did.i think both Aaron and I were pretty sad and disappointed.oh well.. He is one strong willed dog ever since he was much younger.hopefully things will change with training. Quite excited to make a Liver Cake for them.yea. It’s a real cake that has pig’s liver in it.hahaha.apparently all dogs love it.lets see how it goes.

It’s the eve of CNY! And coming to 2 month since my grandmother passed away.things are different now and I honestly don’t want to celebrate it.i know they say one shouldnt live with regrets but I can’t help but be reminded of the thing I SHOULD, COULD and WOULD have done. And all the “if onlys”.alright… Anyway, may it still be a good time of spending time with my familyyyy.

Flashmob in church to see how it turns reminded of the Modern Family Ep I just caught with Aaron that had a flashmob inside.teehee.hilarious.glad to have him hooked onto the show(:


Leaving you guys with a “Kodak moment”.haha.hard to get them to take a nice picture like that. The last time I had a photo with the 2 of them was when I could still carry one each in a hand. Lol.


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