10 facts

01 photo of me alone with 10 facts

photo i took today. nice? haha. thought so too. lol.

  1. I was supposed to be named Sheila, but my dad thought it sounded too “indian”.
  2. i was posted to Bukit Batok Secondary School before appealing and was then posted to St. Margs. best thing that happened to me ever.
  3. i never had a proper soft toy until the end of sec1. now i have a pretty decent collection thanks to contribution from Aaron
  4. my only “idol” when i was young was Louis Koo. i seriously thought he was the most goodlooking person on the planet and i vowed to marry someone as tanned as him. HAHAHHAA. i randomly thought of this because there have been so many chinese movies he starred in showing on tv this CNY.
  5. i have been to south africa, egypt, australia, korea, japan, cambodia, china,  and thailand (indonesia and malaysia doesnt really count. haha) i love travelling. but now with my dogs, i think twice.. haha.
  6. my favourite fruit is guava
  7. i used to love eating fish skin, fried/steamed. but now, steamed fish skin kinda gross me out
  8. i loveeeeee lady’s finger and bringal (if cooked properly)
  9. i used to sleep with the aircon on every night. i seldom do now and if i do, it would be at 26 degrees
  10. i won a prize at every cross country in secondary school. probably because most of the girls were lazy to run. haha.

so those are 10 facts about me! hope they are interesting enough somehow(: will try to blog more interesting things soon! gnna upload more photos of my dogs on facebook now!


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