seriously need to get work done but i dont know why i am still online. damn. after this post, i will switch off my computer and start on my tutorials.

today was pretty slack. there was no school for me. or rather, i chose not to go for the 1hr make-up lecture from 5:30-6:30. i also planning go for 4 1hr tutorials back-to-back tomorrow. i am not prepared for them. hope to survive.

anyway,Bandon has been super picky during meal times. bad dog! hope to get him interested in kibbles again! i made a cake for them on Sunday. a liver cake. HAHAHA. sounds disgusting, but they do love it. i added in twice the amount of flour i should have so it turned out hard like bread. hopefully this batch will be better. lol.

also, i signed up for a duathalon relay with my dad and aaron. HAHA. gnna be so exciting! lol. better start running more. woohoo

alright. i WILL get my work done tonight. goodbye.


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