The best thing ever

I was just telling Aaron today that having my 2 dogs were the best thing that happened to me last year.

They are worth every single cent I spent on food, toys, vet vists, and even the doggy bed I bought for them for Christmas that they destroyed within a month.heck, now they are even worth me having to make a pig’s liver cake every Friday and making my whole house smell of pig’s liver. HAHAHA.i have literally depleted my savings for their shots at the vet and expensive dog food.and also for their training… Eeps.

Their characters are amazing in their own way. Rusty the nasty, as my mom would sometimes call him can be a handful a times.he will throw tantrums and start trashing around when he refuses to obey commands.but when he does decide to obey them, he can be pretty awesome.

Bandon, on the other hand, is more laid back.picky with food and nervous around

Both are just as awesome.hoho.i don’t really know what sparked off this post, but I think recently there has been a few articles on people “spring cleaning” their pets during is such a horrible thing to do! People abandon their pets just because they are sick and don’t want to bring their pets to the vet due to the costly is expensive to bring your dog to the vet. But simply tying them to a bench with a bag of food beside, hoping that someone will take them in is just ridiculous.ahyia.talking about it just makes me very angry.

Saw a white maltese walking below Aaron’s block just didn’t have a collar and certainly didn’t look like a stray.i tried to follow it but it slipped away pretty quickly.hopefully it was just lost and found its way back to the owner.okay.enough about dog talk.its 4am and I don’t know why I am still awake.sure regret tmr one.hope I can be patient with my student.


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