i think it is safe to think that the average person doesnt have a fantastic memory of events. say even if you quarreled with someone, u might not even remember the reason why u guys did. u probably just remember that you guys quarreled.

the other day in psychology class, we were learning about memory. and my tutor showed us this video of a woman, who can remember ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. even the sitcoms she used to watch 20-30 years ago. when showed a short video clip of the episode, she can remember the rest of the episode and the exact YEAR, MONTH AND DATE when it was aired. as awesome as it sounds, it has it downsides, she simply cannot forget the suffering she has gone through in her entire lifetime. even when she was less than 10 years old, she would constantly be crying about things that she was scolded for a long time ago etc. she cannot forget the hurt, or disappointments and constantly beats herself about it. AS SHE JUST CANNOT FORGET! this lady’s husband passed away a few years back and until today, i believe that she is still in much pain and suffering. her mom said that people often say “time heals all wounds”, but apparently for her, time doesnt! how sad it is. so indeed, sometimes it is better that we are slightly more forgetful so we can slowly let go of the things that hurt us.


well, interestingly enough, there is also the opposite end of things. we also watched a clip of this man, who has the memory of 30 seconds! seriously! he got into some kind of accident and after that, he only lives in the present moment. he forgets everything he hears within 30 seconds. he can only remember his wife and how to play the piano. that’s all. like his wife can walk into the room and he will happily hug and kiss her. 1 minute later, she goes out and walks back into the same room, he will greet her as though he hasnt met her for months! lol. but then also, that IS also very sad. because he has no concept of the past nor the future ):


alright, not sure if all of that bore u guys, but im just feeling down over the past 3 days. things are just too overwhelming. i pray that God will help me see things differently this week. i feel like crap and everything, but i just hope things will work itself out. it somehow always’s been a hectic weekend. but somehow, this semester seems to be flying past so quickly! recess week is approaching! in some ways, i am thankful because this week, i actually feel like my course is actually quite interesting. for our project, we headed down to sim lim sqaure trying to source for solar panels. we were actually supposed to go to sim lim TOWER. nevermind, close vicinity right? BUT. i was in a car with 4 guys. and they led me on some maze and we only ended up in the bugis area after driving for 1 HOUR from pioneer. seriously a joke man! and i thought guys had better sense of direction. TO HECK WITH THAT! rahh. the amount of petrol i wasted 😡 oh wells. i had a lot of fun (yea, fun) at sim lim tower playing with LED lights. hhehehe.for once, i felt that was i learned in school is actually applicable. haha. what a trip it was. and praise God for allowing us to source for the appropriate materials.

aaron and i had a good walk with Rusty and Bandon today. but we still need alot of practice to drill in proper obedience in them. but at least i can be assured i wont be pull down a path when i walk them next time. whee. 6 more trainings to go till we graduate! hehehe. training them everyday is no joke! it really take time and sacrifice. and today, i baked a huge beef liver cake for them. hahaha. because apparently they arent too hot on the pork liver cake anymore. maybe it’s just my baking. hahaha. i just love them to bits even tho they can be so naughty at times and do tonnes of silly things.

right now, im just feeling down and out AND I WANT TO EAT A HUGE PIZZA FROM PEPPERONI’S. hehehe.



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