Zombie me

My dark eye rings are getting darker and darker with each morning I wake up.sleepin at 2am and waking up at 7:30am for 3 straight days is no joke.its bad for the body and it makes me grumpy all day.

At least I went for all my lessons today.and aaron came to pick me up!(:so proud of myself that I attended and paid attention for all 3 tuts.although for the lectures, I was seriously asleep for the first hour.haha.

AND thurs is frolick 1-for-1 day! Yippie! Tried the mango flavor.usually I just go for the original.but the mango was surprisingly good! I’m impressed! Yum.dinner was awesome because my dad and sister weren’t eating so it was 2 slices of salmon for my mom and I! And the veggies were so soft and yummy! Thank God for moms who can cook^^ I wanna cook Mac and cheeseeee!

I am dead tired.decided to give my lessons a miss tmr since I can do the tutorials and there are always electures #excusesiknow but i really need that bit more sleep.

Okay.too much rambling.goodnight


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