cold nights

i was so tired that i took a nap after dinner. a 20 min nap extended to 3.5 hr nap. woke up at 12am. lolll. my 2 quizzes are nagging at the back of my head. ugh. anyway, the purpose of my post is not to complain about school because i was reminded that school is a luxury.

i guess i wanted to blog is because of how this weekend has turned out. i expected to be revising for my tests, but instead, this weekend is turning out to be pretty sombre, serious and full of thought provoking moments. as i was preparing for prayer for tmr, i decided to put in more effort to look at verses and really ponder over the prayer pointers. and that was when i felt God’s closeness. obviously i have not been tapping on God’s goodness enough. it’s still that trickling stream of water. i am thankful that on weekends, i have the opportunity to be drawn back to God. i dont just sit in church on sunday and leave. but i am more immersed in the activities and i think a lot more about church on weekdays. but actually, it’s more of the the things i need to get done for church. but at the heart of it all, if u take away all the bible studies, all the worship, all the prayer, all the people, all the events or even the church building itself, all you have and all you need is God. it’s as simple as that. we dont need to do anything else to be near to Him. ah. which is why i feel foolish at times when i feel i dont deserve God’s help. how silly is that? the past few days, i feel inadequate. i am not perfect or ‘good enough’ compared to so many people. my walk with God is in bits and pieces. but God has reminded me that He will pave the way in the thick snow for me. i shall cling onto that promise and survive this week before recess week comes!



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