finally, my 2 tests for this week are over. what a HUGE relief. tests have never been so important to me. furthermore, i only started studying for today’s test on monday. and boy, was it a huge rush.i was super nervous before the test because 20% is a huge contribution to the final grade. and it’s mcq. so no reason not to score? but thankfully,i could do most of the questions after much fretting about things. i couldnt be more glad now that the tests are over. but i skipped quite a few lectures this week.. so i have quite a bit catching up to do during recess week. ontop of the 4 quizzes after recess week ): lol.

brought my dogs for a long walk just now. i lost control of them! even after training, it’s still a struggle to walk them along the main road. hmm… it’s been awhile since i brought them out on my own. hopefully things will continue to improve.. andddd… haha. people who walk past them are usually scared of them. there was this lady that immediately picked up her dog when she saw us. lol. i it is true that people have stigma towards local breeds as they feel they are inferior to those pure breed dogs. but actually no lor, some tiny cute dogs can be ferocious too! haha. alright. hopefully this weekend i can spend more time with Bandon and Rusty. it’s kinda hard to believe that they used to be so tiny!


i am going to cut my hair on monday, FINALLY. i am gnna cut it short. i am so sick of my long hair. it’s takes so long to dry and it is pulling on my scalp + gives me neckackes. haha. i cant wait to cut it! tho im not too sure what kinda hairstyle i want.

macdonalds has $2.90 mcspicy for the next 5 days!!!! ahhhhhh. MUST. STAY AWAY.


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