midweek. recess week will be over before i know it ): been studying for intro to psych and all my cores-zilch. i better get my butt moving! i just need more time! which i honestly never seem to have enough of. too many things to do!

in other news, i bought tickets to bring Aaron to watch The Greatest Hits tour. HAHHAAHA. my goshhhh. it was a kinda fail concert honestly. Jeff Timmons from 98degrees (who is super ripped by the way) lip synced the first intro song. nevermind.. then the other tracks he was trying to sing got JAMMED as it started. so there was like a 20 minute sound system breakdown. -.- hello? i didnt pay money to wait for 20 minutes in darkness (they switched off the lights). eventually the concert started with a1 who sang quite a lot of songs but some songs were off key. aaron cringed quite a fair bit. and Blue, who were ripped too AND cute HAHA. But Blue ended the concert super abrutly. like after they sang “one love”, they just said “okay thank you, bye” and left the stage. like whuttt??!?! haha. oh wells. there were super a lot of ladies in their mid-twenties who attended the concert. haha. i still prefer WESTLIFE 4LIFEEEEEEE. yeaaaa. hahaha. i guess it was just a good experience (: happy 38 months my love ❤ till the next concert we go to. lol.

there were some seriously hardcore GUY fans btw. hats off to them for really standing up and singing as tho they were in the privacy of their own bathrooms. haha. there was also this guy who was sitting alone in a whole row. felt so lonely for him. maybe his date couldnt make it.

/*edit*/ i just stalked Blue on wikipedia and twitter -.- hahahahha. i must not be like those crazy girl fans like yesterday! hahaha. but they are cute no doubt and lead the typical boyband lifestyle.

more studying tmr. so tired!


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